TFR team visits best grape producing company in Spain

17 September 2019

TFR sales director Ms. Hiep visited together with TFR’s managing director the largest grape produce of Spain. This family owned company is growing over 50 top quality varieties of grapes. During the visit, Hiep and Siebe learned all about the grape variety development programs, grape farming, grape varieties, grape packaging and storage. Ms Hiep tasted many varieties in order to make a selection of those varieties that Vietnamese consumers will love to consumer.



Most of the TFR domestic market clients requested TFR to add imported fruits next to the domestically produced fruit and vegetables. As TFR delivers most stores directly, combining these 3 product streams, will provide a lot of logistical advantages. Because of TFR’s large global fruit network and all its fruit expertise, the best varieties from the best companies can be brought to the Vietnamese consumers.


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