Homegrown fruit & vegetables: Sourced for you

The Vietnamese have a fantastic food culture, in which herbs, vegetables and fruits play a crucial role. The vegetable consumption already starts at breakfast with the delicious pho and continues with lunch and dinner.


It is no surprise that the Vietnamese have one of the highest vegetable consumption figures per capita in the world. Also fruits play a very important role in the Vietnamese culture. Fruits are consumed after lunch and dinner and during work breaks in the morning and afternoon. Fruits are also used as gifts, offered in temples and at family altars at home, in respect for the forefathers.


Unfortunately food safety issues for a wide range of products in Vietnam (meat, noodles, soy sauce, fruit, vegetables), have made consumers very concerned about food safety. As for most products it is not known where they are produced, how and by whom, the Vietnamese consumer feels very insecure how to feed their families with healthy and safe food. To give back to our community, we decided it is our responsibility to develop a fresh produce portfolio for the domestic market, so that Vietnamese families can enjoy ‘home-grown’ fruit and vegetables without having to worry about food safety.






We have developed a portfolio of over 100 different fruit and vegetable products, which are sold under our brand: Mekostar. Every day we supply these products nationwide to supermarkets and professional food service customers and smaller produce shops through our strong distribution network.


Each product is fully traceable to the farm where it was produced and all farmers are closely monitored by our team of agronomists and quality assurance staff.