Mekostar makes staying healthy easy and enjoyable for all!

Originated from and dedicated to the Vietnamese market, Mekostar understands the need of the Vietnamese consumers for fruits and vegetables with guaranteed food safety and consistent quality.


Mekostar offers products that meet international quality standards to serve the Vietnamese domestic market. Each of our fruits and vegetables can be traced all the way back to our farmers. Smaller farmers are organized in farmer groups to create the economies of scale needed to produce and market their produce following the food safety requirement system of Mekostar.


Mekostar is a brand of The Fruit Republic, the first fresh produce trade company of Vietnam having professional fruit and vegetables packinghouses with excellent post-harvest handling and cooling facilities and a well-managed contract farming system.


With Mekostar, the Fruit Republic aims to make the Vietnamese consumers proud again about their own “home-grown” produce. We plan to achieve this vision by supplying our customers with fresh fruit and vegetables which are safe, healthy, tasty and good looking, sourced from our own contract farmers.



All farmers are visited by our agronomists at least once every two weeks for a thorough site inspection including record keeping, crop protection, fertilizer usage, pre-harvest interval, water usage and waste management among others. Planting data and harvest schedules are communicated to our sales team who make sure that Mekostar fruits and vegetables are delivered to our customers fresh every day. Regular sessions are organized with our farmers and agronomists to relay feedback from our customers.

Besides a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, special products such as fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are also available under the Mekostar brand to satisfy the need of consumers for convenience.