Wildboi: fruit & vegetables with character

Our Wildboi brand was originally developed to showcase the delicious tasting Vietnamese pomelo, which had to compete in the world market with the much cheaper Chinese pomelo.


In general the Chinese pomelo has a very beautiful skin, but is quite dry (less juicy) and has little flavor compared to the Vietnamese pomelo. As in the West, consumers have become used to perfect looking skins of fruit, we had to communicate that despite the rougher skin of the Vietnamese pomelo, the fruit has a very nice taste, a fruit with character.


The name Wildboi is derived from the words “Wild” and “Buoi”. “Wild” refers to the fact that the pomelo orchards were managed quite extensively by the smallholders. As the tree is native to this area, the farmers could let the tree just grow, without little use of chemicals. The orchards are beautiful and full of biodiversity, so kind of Wild. “Buoi” is a Vietnamese word and means pomelo. Together these two words make up “Wild Buoi” and which was coined as “Wildboi” to make it easier to pronounce internationally.




More and more supermarket chains are acknowledging the benefits of selling a better tasting Widboi pomelo and the benefit of having the pomelo available year-round and not only during autumn and winter. In Austria for example, a leading supermarket chain switched from a seasonal Chinese pomelo program, to a year-round Wildboi pomelo program. Despite the higher price, the supermarket chain saw its sales of pomelo triple.


After the successful Wildboi honey pomelo (yellow fleshed), we introduced the Wildboi pink fleshed pomelo, packed with a distinct pink net. To give the consumers the ultimate convenience, we developed Wildboi fresh cut honey and pink pomelo, prepared in our HACCP-certified high care facility. Last year we launched Wildboi untreated seedless lime, which became an even larger success then the Wildboi pomelo, as limes are consumed year-round in large quantities and in much more markets.


In the coming years we will be further developing the Wildboi range of products for the international market, all having the following characteristics:

  • Unique products, different from the mainstream bulk
  • Great taste, fresh produce with character!
  • Sourced from well-trained and well-supported smallholder contract farmers
  • Sustainably produced, as much as possible only touched by nature
  • Year-round supply programs



We have successfully developed a year-round program of untreated limes. Untreated means that our GLOBALGAP certified limes are not treated after harvest with any wax or post-harvest fungicides. Read more about our untreated limes >