TFR launches its Wildboi drink coconuts in the European market

6 October 2019

For a growing range of TFR customers in Europe, the portfolio of Wildboi branded top quality exotic fruits from Vietnam, was expanded with the young drink coconut.



TFR offers the diamond cut coconut, the shaved young drink coconut, which can be easily opened with a bamboo straw, and the shaved more mature coconut. The shaved, more mature coconut has a more “nutty” taste and has an excellent shelf life. The young shaved drink coconut tastes very fresh and is very easy to open. The diamond cut young drink coconut is easy to open if you know how to do it. Every Vietnamese can open this nut with one strong hit with a knife, but this might require a bit more practice for the new European coconut consumers. We have developed the shaved young drink coconut for these consumers, allowing you to just push a bamboo straw through the “eye” of the coconut.


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