Fresh cut fruits of The Fruit Republic conquering Hong Kong

9 May 2015

TFR’s fresh cut honey pomelo, pink pomelo and jackfruit are successfully conquering the Hong Kong market.

Packed under a private label, the fresh cut fruits of TFR can now be found in all leading supermarkets of Hong Kong. Cut in the morning, flown in the evening, the fresh cut fruits are on the shelves the next day, giving the Hong Kong consumers the ultimate convenience of these fantastic, but hard to clean tropical fruits. Cleaning a pomelo and a jackfruit in the right way is not an easy job, therefor more and more customers are relying on the very skillful and experienced staff of TFR to do this job. TFR has for the past three years been supplying all domestic supermarket chains, high end hotel chains and all major airlines with fresh cut fruit.  


Through TFR’s state of the art facility and well controlled cold chain, all fresh cut fruits arrive in Hong Kong at a perfect 1-2 degrees. We know this, as for every shipment we place temperature data-loggers to monitor the temperature of the fruits, to assure our clients get the best possible quality.

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