The Fruit Republic expands its fruit portfolio: seedless lime and fresh coconut

10 February 2013

Since January, The Fruit Republic is successfully exporting seedless lime and fresh coconuts to Asian markets.

The Fruit Republic is successfully developing a year round lime program of dark green limes, giving importers an interesting alternative to Brazilian or Mexican lime. 


Seeded limes have been popular for a long time in Vietnam, but in the past eight years, the seedless lime acreage has increased dramatically. Introduced by Vietnamese-Americans, who brought seedless lime varieties out of California to Vietnam, both local and regional markets have adopted these new seedless lime varieties enthusiastically. Also for fresh coconuts, The Fruit Republic is marketing the Vietnamese coconut as a high quality product for the Asian markets. With an area of almost 75,000 ha of coconuts, Vietnam has significant supply of this wonderful product.

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