The Fruit Republic becomes first GLOBALGAP certified company for pomelo in Vietnam

6 February 2011

Last year The Fruit Republic became the first and only company in Vietnam with a GLOBALGAP certificate for pomelo.

The majority of the fruits in Vietnam are produced by smallholders with on average just 0.5 ha of land. To develop the export we focused on setting up our extension team who works closely with farmers to meet GLOBALGAP standards.


All contract farmers of the Fruit Republic were intensively trained in how to follow the standard and field visits were made regularly to monitor the implementation progress. Each fruit agronomist is responsible for a group of 25 farmers and makes sure those farmers comply with the GLOBALGAP standard and assists them to improve the percentage of export class fruits and overall productivity.


The company offers farmers a year round guarantee of buying all their produce, irrespective of the quality. But to encourage farmers to produce high quality fruits, price incentives are offered for class 1 and class 2 fruits. These fruits are exported and sold to modern retail chains in Vietnam, while the lower quality fruits are sold on local wholesale markets across the country.


The GLOBALGAP certificate gives The Fruit Republic and its farmers access to the European market and increases Vietnam’s export volume of high quality, professionally grown and packed fruit.

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