The Fruit Republic launches fruit label for wholesale markets

7 February 2011

Visitors to the largest fruit wholesale market in North Vietnam, named Long Bien market, located in the centre of Hanoi, are always shocked by the enormous volumes of fruits which are traded their every night. 


The second shock, especially for Vietnamese, is to see how enormous the share of Chinese fruit is and how small the trade volume of Vietnamese fruit has become. All Chinese fruit is nicely packed and with a good looking appearance, while the Vietnamese fruits are not packed in any branded or labeled boxes.


Our team has been working hard to show that there are fantastic tasting Vietnamese fruits, which, with the right packaging and marketing, can assure that the Vietnamese fruit farmers will not loose their domestic market.


After several pilots, we managed to develop a successful label named Meko Star for the great tasting Nam Roi pomelo variety, as well for a pink fleshed pomelo variety. Now for the first time ever, Vietnamese pomelo’s are sold in proper labeled boxes at wholesale markets all across the country. And these well packed pomelo fruits give Vietnamese traders finally a local alternative, next to a wide range of imported fruit.

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