Spectacular fashion show made from pomelo fruit and leaves

18 January 2014

All over Vietnam everybody is busy to prepare for the so called "Tet" festival to celebrate the new year. Vietnam follows a lunar calendar, and this year the new year starts on January 31, when the year of the snake ends and the year of the horse starts.

In honour of the end of the year, The Fruit Republic organized year end parties for its staff, relations and farmers in Dalat and Can Tho. During the year-end parties in Can Tho and Dalat, the staff organized a spectacular fashion show with exciting clothes made from fruit and vegetables.

Each department of The Fruit Republic entered their own designs in a competition for the Miss Lime and Mister Pomelo competition. After a close contest the jury selected the design from the fresh cut department as the winner. In its report the jury praised the original design, in which especially the colour full combination and the addition of accessories made from pineapple were much appreciated.

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